Eating eggs for breakfast instead of bagels and doughnuts, bread etc., cuts down on caloric intake for the rest of the day. Researchers from the Pennington Biomedical Research Centre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana found that the high protein content of eggs caused overweight people to eat 163 fewer calories at lunch and 418 fewer calories over 24 hours compared to when they ate bagels.

The body breaks down dietary protein into subunits called amino acids. The liver converts the amino acids into new blood sugar, a process called gluconeogenesis. The subsequent steady level of blood sugar delays hunger.

Some researchers have linked eggs with coronary artery disease. But this is proving to be incorrect as more studies show that people could eat eggs daily without promoting heart disease or stroke.

Eggs contribute to a healthy diet and promote weight control. You may get similar results by consuming a high protein drink for breakfast.

So go ahead and keep the bagel and doughnut down and reach for those scrumptious healthy eggs.